Dedicated to Educating Customers on the Insurance that Suits Needs

Calvo Insurance in Hallandale Beach, Florida takes pride in partnering with more than 40 insurance providers. With more than 20 years of collective experience, you can rely on us to recommend the best plan for our clients’ specific needs and lifestyles. And is licensed to work throughout the US.


Our Story

Before Franco Calvo, our owner, established Calvo Insurance in Hallandale Beach, Florida, he started working with Combined Insurance Company of America. For the next seven years, he worked in different areas such as Florida, New York, and Mexico. After a time, he decided to work at Aflac Inc. and stayed with the company for 10 years. However, Franco Calvo eventually returned to Combined Insurance of America for 2 years, working in California.

A Desire for Change

Franco grew tired of corporate America and the business‑first model. He started Calvo Insurance in 2014 with the mindset of “People First.”

Why Choose Us

Our primary goal is to educate people on the insurance options available to them. We aren’t salespeople that will push insurance plans on you without considering your needs. Instead, we take the time to understand who our clients are and then suggest a suitable plan that will help them in the long run.


Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

With our range of insurance options, you’re sure to find a plan suitable for your needs and budget. This is how we give everyone a chance to safeguard their family and precious belongings.