Health Insurance

Learn the Differences Between Your Healthcare Options

Before deciding to purchase health or medical insurance plans, it can be helpful to know the differences. Calvo Insurance in Hallandale Beach, Florida can help with that, as we prioritize getting to know our clients before connecting them with the ideal insurance carrier for their lifestyle.

About Health Insurance

When it comes to this kind of insurance, having a plan that doesn’t sound complicated is ideal. If your workplace offers a health insurance plan, you are limited by the choices the company offers. Calvo Insurance can help you choose by analyzing your current health, needs, and budget.

About Medicare Insurance

This kind of insurance is useful for individual Americans who are 65 or older, but it does not allow coverage for dependents. It may only cover hospitalization, accidents, and certain ailments before purchasing an insurance plan. Purchasing Medicare insurance will pay for services such as home healthcare and outpatient prescription drugs, if used with supplement insurance.

Find a Reliable Health Insurance Carrier

Send us a message and we will promptly connect with you to learn about your needs, health, and budget, so we can advise you of your best options.